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Happy Birthday Poems

The happy birthday poems website came about when one day we needed a rhyming poem for a birthday card for my mom. After hours of searching the web we found one but it did take a while so we put together a selection here for family members, such as dads, as it tends to be for the closest people we add poems to our birthday cards.

Please use these poems for your birthday cards, on emails and at parties, or for whatever you need. They are free, all we ask is that you do not use them for monetary gain though or in an obviously disrespectful way. Terms and conditions are below but don't worry too much, as these are for Birthdays!

Poems for Birthdays

So what is it about the happy birthday poems in this site? Well we have tried to make them relevant to the family member. As you can see on the left there is a selection of poem catagories including birthday poems for mom and poems for dad.

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Short Birthday Poems

Many of these poems are short and sweet. Nobody wants to read long poems in their birthday cards. Because of this they come straight to the point and are fun. Each poem rhymes and can easily be copied into a birthday card.

Our Birthday Poem Poets

We are licky enough to have three poets working on our punchy rhyming birthday poems. Tony Kessell, Seb Rillian, and Lilly Leigh have put together this selection of birthday poems and they want us to point out that some of these poems

happy birthday poems

Birthday Card Poems

So what is it abou birthday poems that you like? If there are any poems you would like us to write for you can always give it a go. Or if you have a Twitter account then follow or/and retweet Rhyming Birthday Poems below.

In Partnership

We have sister websites that are called Heraldry For Kids which deals with Knights and Coast of Arms as well as Heraldry and English Poems for Kids which has lots of free poems and teacher resources, as well as Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids.

Other Poetry Sites we recommend

The Poetry Society and the Poetry Foundation are two excellent sites we also suggest taking a look at.


OUR POEM INDEX Click here for the complete List of Birthday poems

FREE Birthday card templates to print and stick inside cards if you don't want to write them.