do ladybirds bite

Do Ladybirds Bite!

do ladybirds bite

So Do Ladybirds Bite? This site has been designed to answer some of your questions, including this one, about Ladybirds and in the process inform you about these interesting Insects. Start out by by going to one of our main pages like Ladybird Facts where we cover all kinds of facts about the Ladybirds. Then we have covered a range of, often enquired about, topics in our menu bars, looking at different aspects of the Ladybird life including do they bite or hibernate, what do Ladybirds eat and a range of Ladybird products. If like us you are very interested in this beautiful little beatles then why not read more of our pages and sample some of the products.

Information About Ladybirds

Ladybirds, known as Ladybugs in America, are fascinating little insects. We want to share this information on ladybirds so let us tell you about them, their habits and dispell some myths. Enjoy!

Ladybirds have striking features which is one of the reasons why they're so popular. They come in a variety of colours sometimes red or yellow or even totally black and white and perhaps yellow. There are many mixes of spots and patches of colour and most are very bright which gives them some protection from predators. They are less than 12 mm long with small heads, clubbed antenna and have short legs. There are over 3000 different ladybird species throughout the world and one Ladybug can eat up to 100 greenfly a day.

This site is called Do Ladybirds Bite and is part of a series of websites. We also have a site on Do Honey Bees Sting and one that features lots of Nature Poems for Kids. Because we are interested in preserving the Ladybird environments we also have a sister site called A Compost Bin!

We love Ladybirds and hope that this website is informative and if you have any feedback then please tweet us at @ladybirdlinks or email

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